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SKY Softgel & Pack Co., Ltd. Is the “TOP professional manufacturers” and “exporters” for Softgel Encapsulation machine, Multi Counting machine, Blister & Cartoning machine and Autobag pouch machine.
We have our own manufacturing plant and R&D center in South Korea – All machineries as a Turn Key basis are manufactured at our own plant.

We would like to supply the world with our newly patented and advanced machine with the most competitive price, highest quality and service.

Total Solutions from Softgel production to all packaging solutions
(Bottole, Blister pack, Bulk pouch bag)

SKY Profile

A20 years Experience for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Packaging Industry since 1998.
BProvided over 50 Countries since establishing
COwn plant manufacture and R&D Center (10,000㎡ / 1st Factory + 2nd Factory)
- Turn Key basis for Softgel + Counter + Blister + Cartoner
DTop big pharmaceutical Reference : Sanofi Aventis, GNC, Pfizer, Abbott etc.
- Pharmaceutical company 70% + Nutraceutical company 30%
ENo.1 Market share in the world for Softgel & Counter & Blister
- Total 1,500 machines have supplied to worldwide customer
FBig production capacity up to 200 machines per year
GShort delivery time : 1 ~ 2months
HHigh end Quality of Export oriented market : more 90%